What’s Your Dark Side According to Your Zodiac.

They day and month you are born does play a significant role in the make-up of your personality traits. Often times the horoscope is scarily accurate and reveal to us our most hidden traits that even we might not be aware of. In some cases we might be aware of the negative aspects but conveniently try to brush them under the rug. Following are few of the negative traits associated with each zodiac sign.

1. Aries


The rigidity and stubbornness is your hallmark and you would not give in to any argument even if it made perfect sense. You want things done your way and everyone else involved should better comply. Another thing is your impulsive nature, if you have an idea you want everyone else to follow.

2. Taurus


You are always focusing too much on materialistic value of things to the point that you may even overlook relations. Similarly your determination to achieve your objectives make you only focus on your goals and you may not be willing to accommodate anyone else.

3. Gemini


The dual nature is always keeping others second guessing about your true intentions and sometimes you use this ability to manipulate others successfully. Add to it your charmingly eloquent speech and no one will even doubt your point of view and just agree along.

4. Cancer


There is a reason crab has a shell, it signifies that they are hard to leave their comfort zone, even if the situation demands. They are really stubborn in the way they like to do things and there is nothing much anyone could do about it. If someone tried too hard they might easily end up getting the crab offended.

5. Leo


You are charming and loving but more often than not you want others to be more loving and charming then you. Your constant need for adoration and appreciation makes you a little narcissist and hard to get along. Usually you have a sunny disposition but you do get demanding which may sometimes overwhelm others a little too much.

6. Virgo


The only baggage that comes with dealing a Virgo person is the fact that you will be judged on every little thing. As Virgo we know you are perfectionists and tend to every little detail even if it may not be that significant. What most might disregard may appeal to you as important.

7. Libra


You are a prime example of a procrastinator since you will take your sweet time deciding on every little thing. Being indecisive you will deliberate each decision very carefully before acting on one.

8. Scorpio


One may do good not to cross the scorpion in anyway. Just like the fact that you are the most passionate in love, similarly you are the most dangerous in hate. Your fury may not know any bounds and if you have your way the other person better make themselves scarce.

9. Sagittarius


You are the most tactless of all the zodiac signs often complicating a perfectly simple situation. You are also very blunt in expressing whatever you think is right without even contemplating over the matter for a second. Being spontaneous is ok but sometimes it might hurt others feelings.

10. Capricorn


You guys always like to be in charge of the situation and do not relinquish your control easily. This also makes you a tad bit of a manipulator where you force others to agree with your ideas and at the same time disapprove or silence dissenting opinions.

11. Aquarius


You guys find it very hard to accept your own mistakes and often bring up arguments which may seem logical in your head but actually make no sense whatsoever. It is ok to listen to others for a while and come out of your own heads.

12. Pisces


You are the dreamer who has yet to find a firmer ground. Sometimes you do not account for the actual ground realities and also act aloof from your surroundings. It is as though you have no direction rather just going with the flow.