To The Woman Who Gave Too Much Of Herself To The Wrong Guy.

It is of course unfortunate to experience betrayal in a relationship you thought was destined to be a never ending saga of love. You completely unfolded all the aspects of your personality to him and loved him sincerely but only to find out that he returned all that love and affection with the bruising and battering of your conscience.


The only thing you could salvage from this experience was the fact that you care and love someone so immensely you are innocent and loyal. You are a person who despite facing betrayal in love is capable of brimming with positivity. You do not let the harsh experiences and the negativity take the better of you.

This is why you have the ability to love someone so deeply since you are capable of affording the hurt that may come from the betrayal. Unlike others who are either too overcome by the negativity all around them or too scared of the pain which comes when a relationship does not turn out the way they envisioned.

This positivity and the ability to see good in others is what makes you beautiful on the inside but also makes you vulnerable to manipulation by others. You try to reach out to those who you feel have been wallowing in self-pity and emotional pain. You try to help them by giving them your love and attention. Your generosity in the relationship could be assessed by the time and energy you invest which is never reciprocated. Yet you still hold on to a sliver of hope that he might turn a new leaf and value the relationship like you do.


This compassion and hope against hope is your weakness which is used against you. This world is full of such people who are so broken that no matter how much you try to gather the pieces and heal their hurt they will still revel by hurting you instead. We all wished this was not true but sadly this is how most of the people would break your trust. You will be hurt many times by unraveling your sacred love in a relationship before you finally find the one true love who will always be there.

Such men are only there for you as long as you are seen as someone who is serving their own agenda. As soon as you need them they will turn on you and play the victim in the relationship. They will make you feel as though it is your fault the relationship is not progressing. They have no remorse neither regret for subjecting you to such self-doubt and not being there when you need them the most.

It is very easy to fall for such men since they are silver-tongued devils who know how to feed on your positivity and draw you in with their fake compliments and sugar coating their way to gain your trust. They are only interested in the relationship as long as it serves their own ulterior motives. The more time you spend with them the more you realize the relationship is not going to progress. Each minute you spend with them make you grow more anxious and more insecure.


Such experiences will leave you hurt and broken but you must persevere because sooner than later you will find the man who is going to heal you of your sorrows and make you forget about your past. You are too good to switch from a positive person to a negative one because of these experiences. Just stay optimistic and never take on the negativity and everything will be fine with time.