This Is What Happens When A Guy Is Inside A Woman.

Whenever a man and a woman make a connection there can be positives and negatives that come from the interaction. The positive can be a long lasting feeling that can consume someone’s mind and it can change every aspect of their life.

The spiritual connection is very important if things are going to stand the test of time. That connection is much stronger than the sex itself because it’s actually the inside of a person’s brain making that connection. However, if there are too many connections made it can actually degrade the level of connection that is offered to the partner. The spiritual sense will be split among each of the other partners leaving each one of them ultimately unfulfilled.

Sometimes the mental or spiritual connection is strong enough to take a stranglehold on someone’s mind. The thought of that other spirit can consume the person’s life. It will lead them to think about them all day long and actually lesson what they can get done during the day in other aspects of life.

Today you will learn a lot about spiritual connections and what actually happens when a man meets a woman. Some of it is actually kind of surprising.

When a couple has sexual intercourse and ejaculates in her, he leaves his DNA behind.

This happens each time a man connects with a woman. Did you know that?

The cleaning is important if she doesn’t want him.

If the woman doesn’t clean up she will be left with the man’s energy. This can lead her to have a sexual attraction.

Do you know why it’s called sexual ‘inter’course?

The man and woman come together in energies, minds and spirits. That’s what the “inter” part of the word refers to

Having many partners leads to mixed signals.

When a person has multiple partners what it does is split the emotional signals given by how many partners there are. Women have to be careful not to allow these degraded emotions to enter their body.

Casual sex can degrade your performance.

They say practice makes perfect but that’s not always the case. If it’s done too often with many different people it can lead to inner turmoil and restlessness.

FWB’s isn’t a real thing.

Friends with benefits say that there is no emotional connection involved in the act. However, the more they do it the harder it is not to have an emotional connection.

Choose who you are with very carefully.

The souls of the people you are with are important. It can clash with your own and kill the festive personality in you.

Connections can be very powerful.

When the right souls come together it can have a powerful effect on a person. It can actually consume a person.

The spiritual power can be overwhelming.

When the right person comes along the spiritual connection can’t be denied. A person can go though days with nothing else on their mind but that other soul.

Sex is the most powerful desire in a human being.

Napoleon Hill once said, “When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.” It’s unlike any other human desire.

It should be an honor to be with someone.

You shouldn’t let just an spirit inside you. It should be an honor to them to be with you.

The right connection could can control your mind.

When the right connection is made, it can be so powerful that it can actually control your mind. It can control how you think, how you act and what you do.

Every connection leaves something behind.

Every time a connection is made a little piece of that spirit is left behind with a person. That’s why it’s important to make careful choices about which spirit you let in.

When the right connection is made it can be magical.

There is nothing like a strong connection on every level. When that perfect match is found it can change every aspect of your life.

Will the sun shine down on you?

That magical feeling will make every day seem better and everything else in life a little more tolerable. That’s because the two spirits have become one. When that happens the happiness can’t be avoided.