15+ Fantastic Pictures That’ll Keep You Going All Day Long

They always say that laughter is the best medicine. Just a simple dose of laughter through a stressful day is enough to get you going for more. Is your life stressful? Do you keep looking for windows of relaxation? Well, worry not!

For here we are with a collection of fantastic, hilarious, awesome and quirky jokes that’ll give you just the escape from this stressful world you need. Be it the weird animals being conspicuous or be it a man who’s just too confused – these photos will surely cheer you up with their damaging properties.

Check these out!

That look, tho!

You can’t really kill a fish by putting it back in the water.
Damn, autocorrect!

Happens to me all the ducking time!

That last mistake.

However sharp their eyes are, I bet the kestrel didn’t see it coming.

What’s going on?

I really doubt if this is even counted as ‘bullying’.

Well, that’s twisted… literally!

They’re plotting an invasion.

The conversation is getting all heated up there.

Ok, That’s an interesting perspective.

I know, I know… The brain weighs around 3 pounds. But no shit, Sherlock! Look beyond the facts and at the perspective for once.

“Former” Child.

When you’re so useless, your parents don’t think of you as their child anymore.

For real?

You could have said teeth, tongue, throat, thyroid, or tibia. Even testicles. But stress makes you say stupid things.

Donkey apprehended.

Even the donkey looks sorry for what he had done. I wonder what that adorable creature might have done, though.

That awful face-swap, though.

2 more days when it’s just one more day for The Weeknd. (Pun intended)

Spiralling upwards!

The detailing is so incredible, I can look at it all day.

Talking from experience?

Dear parents, kindly practice what you preach.

Spoiler alert:

Dinner table on wheels.

Jurassic Park – behind the scenes?

Clearly, their servers came crashing down. Just like that asteroid.

Perfect metaphor!

This is how much everyone’s life’s falling apart!

When you become the purest of them all.

That sigh of relief. But seriously, Y U NO USE IN!

Q: How do you know if there’s Christmas in a hospital?

A: This is just plain creepy!

Go home dolphin, you’re drunk!

Exactly. They aren’t supposed to fly. Pretty badass picture, though.

The cat’s expression!

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