These Illustrations Show What A Live-In Relationship Looks Like From The Eyes Of A Couple

Relationships are an important and unavoidable part of everybody’s life. The family we are born in, was not chosen by us but the ones we befriend or choose as partners are based on our personal preferences and choices.

When we start dating someone, there are always a few stages we all go through. Attraction, infatuation, closeness, liking and ultimately loving. When your relationship finally reaches a level when you realise that this person, you’re dating is someone you’d always wanted your partner to be like, and they feel the same about you, then it is the time to take things forward. A lot of people get engaged or married while others choose to go for a live-in relationship.

What can be better than living, waking up, sleeping, eating, bathing, cooking and doing so many other things with the person you love?

These are some illustrations that show case aptly what it looks like to be in a live-in relationship.


One of the perks of living together is that you can shower together and make out, oh the feels!


When he is too lazy to love you, seduction is the key. You don’t even have to try, just remove that bra, and you’re good to go!

Reading time

How you both can lie naked, comfortable in your own skin and yet do the most trivial things like reading.



How surreal it feels when both of yours lips touch as if the entire universe comes together to support your love for each other.


Rains always make the most romantic scenarios for a couple. The breeze, the raindrops, and the petrichor, totally worth falling sick for.


The cuddles after making love are the best. You can just lay there forever, playing with each other’s hair, leaving pecks on cheeks and lips.

Holding hands

By far, the most intimate and romantic gesture I’ve ever found is holding hands. Just the touch of their skin feels like I’m safe and loved.

Making out

Just randomly making out out of no where! Perks of living together. 😉

Sucking on her

Don’t the guys just love going for this and the girls too?

Shower sex

When you just go for a shower together but it turns out to be really steamy and kinky. FUN!

Few days apart

Just those few days when your other half goes to visit a friend or family and your house feels haunted without them. You miss them so much and realise how unconditionally you are in love with them.

Lazy baths

When you both just lie there, in the bath tub for hours on a Sunday and talk about the most trivial things. Even that time feels special.