8 daily activities which can damage your spine

We perform a number of different task every day from lifting bags, pulling or pushing heavy objects, folding laundry and sitting at our desks for a long time along with a number of other tasks. Some of these are having an adverse effect on our spine without us even realizing it. The spine is literally our backbone and holds our body and its organs together. Take a look at some of these daily activities which pose a threat to our spine.

Lifting heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects causes a stress on the spine. We tend to hold heavy objects close to our mid-sections which cause an unbelievable strain on the back. Similarly, when we reach up to grab something heavy from the top shelf or the top closet the spine stretches to help us reach that high. As soon as we grabbed hold of, let’s say an empty suitcase, the stretched spine and discs all snap back together in place.

This sudden release of spinal discs from a stretched to normal position can be nasty especially if it is repeated every single day. If there is no way around it, get to at least enough height where the weight you are lifting is almost at the same height as your chest. Use a ladder or a chair.

Carrying a backpack

Students carry heavy backpacks to school every day and it has got to mess up their spines. Similarly, adults find it easier carrying backpacks as well as you can jam a lot of stuff in them as compared to laptop bags and purses. If you are going to use a backpack, remember that it has two straps for a reason: even distribution of weight. Get rid of any extra stuff in the backpacks and try to keep the weight as minimum as you possibly can.

Lacing shoes

It is not the activity in itself but the way it is conducted which is harmful to spine. Do not bend down to tie your laces. Sit down on a chair or the edge of the bed and lift your foot up to tie your laces.


You may not mop every day but even a couple of times a week is enough to cause strain on your spine and damage it. Get a mop with a long handle so you don’t have to bend your back while you mop. Keep your back straight and your shoulders squared. Use your arms to put force into it and not your back. Avoid long sweeps and instead mop in slow, circular motions.

Carrying grocery bags

You cannot live without doing grocery and once it’s done someone has to bring the bags inside. If that menial task falls to you do not carry everything all at once. Take turns in bringing the bags in. if you are carrying bags in both hands make sure the weight is distributed evenly.

Changing a car wheel

If you have a flat tire, do not stand and bend over on your back to change it. Sit down with one knee to the ground and so that your eyes are on the same level as the car’s fender. Keep your back straight.

Doing the dishes

No one likes doing the dishes and the pain between shoulders while doing it doesn’t help matters either. The intervertebral discs of the thoracic section are strained when we stand with our backs bent and shoulders hunched while doing the dishes. Grab a stool and prop one knee on it to help lower the pressure on the spine.

Brushing teeth