Dubai Collection

I have big plans for what is to come, but underlying all of these ideas is a common set of values and beliefs. My one, unwavering goal has always been to amplify the success of a small group of people who share our values. And to that end, I want to unite the people who believe what we believe.How do you know if you believe what we believe? Just read the 10 Pillars of Our Community listed below. These 10 Pillars will drive our community. If you like these ideas, then you’re going to love it here.
We believe that you don’t need permission to live a remarkable life or to make the world a better place. You don’t need to be tapped, chosen, appointed, or nominated. You don’t need to be a “high achiever.” You just need to be willing. If you want something better, more exciting, and more meaningful then you can have it.

Members of our community set a stronger standard for their health, their happiness, and their work. We realize that we’re not perfect, but we work hard to get better, to live healthy and happy, and to create work that matters.

We don’t care about where you are coming from, only where you are going. Overweight, but you want to be healthy? Welcome to the club. In good shape, but you want to become an elite athlete? This is the place for you.

Members of our community share one thing in common: a desire to become better, an eagerness to dive into the thick of life, and to raise the bar in their health, their happiness, and their work. We believe that it’s possible to become better no matter where you start from.We believe that we are here to make the world a better place, and we think that happy and healthy people have a better chance to do that than anyone else. We care for ourselves and go to work on our bodies, so that we can make a difference with the time that we have. We believe that strength is our best defense against illness, injury, and — ultimately — death.We celebrate and enjoy life as we live it rather than feeling guilty about not being perfect. We don’t put off happiness until we’ve lost 20 pounds, built a million dollar business, or reached some future goal. Instead, we work hard to improve and we laugh and smile and dance while we’re doing it. We believe that you can love your life and want to make it better at the same time.

We believe in actively participating in the world around us. We play the game instead of watching it from the stands. We do our best to contribute more happiness and create more value in the world rather than playing the role of the victim and complaining about choices made by someone else.We are the type of people who try things. We think differently. We experiment with new ideas. We take action.When you become happier, the world becomes happier. When your health improves, you have more opportunities to make a difference. When you get better at your work, you create more value for the world.We don’t have a fixed pie mentality. We believe in abundance. We work to find ways for everyone to live well and to help as many people as possible. We think the goal should be to lift each person up to a great life instead of devising ways for us all to suffer equally.We believe in climbing to the top instead of racing to the bottom. We don’t think the answer is faster, cheaper, or easier … but healthier, happier, and better.We dream big, but we start small. We believe that building better habits, one tiny change at a time, is the secret to improving our health, our happiness, and our work. We design our environment for success and find ways to make good decisions easier and bad decisions harder.We don’t buy into the marketing hype and promotional fluff. We leave the quick fixes, the get rich–quick–schemes, and the 6–pack abs in 6 minutes to someone else. We believe in doing things that are meaningful enough to make a difference and simple enough that yoWe realize that most people dream, but never do. We believe that having the courage to start is more important than succeeding because the people who consistently get started are the ones who end up finishing. We condition ourselves to consistently accomplish things that seem out of reach. We make the previously impossible our new normal.