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I’m sitting here on my couch, typing so fast that I’m basically punching the keys on this keyboard, and it’s because I’m jacked up with excitement and enthusiasm.

But before I tell you why, I should give you an update on our growing community…We now have over 1,200 members in our little group of superhumans. Welcome to the team, everyone! (Note: if you’re new, you can join for free here.) We’re building an incredible community together and I couldn’t be happier to have you here.But having you here is just the start. What I’m really excited about is our mission together. Our community is on a quest to answer one central question: “How do you live a healthy life?”And because of some recent discoveries, which I’ll share with you in a moment, I’m beginning to realize that you and I have an incredible opportunity to take control of our health, our happiness, and our lives … and maximize them to the fullest.To explain why this is true, I have to share the surprising results from a $300 million clinical trial on diabetes.

In 2001, a group of physicians and researchers began the largest diabetes study ever conducted.Named the ACCORD Study, it tracked more than 10,000 diabetes patients, split them into different groups, and tested a range of drug treatments and therapies on the patients in an attempt to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Each patient was treated for five years, with new patients entering the study continuously from 2001 through 2005.When the numbers were finally crunched, the results were shocking…You see, the researchers started with the goal of lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, but what actually happened was the exact opposite. In fact, in 2008 the National Institute of Health prematurely ended part of the study due to an unexpected number of deaths from one style of treatment.You read that right: the drug treatments and therapies weren’t just unnecessary, people actually died because of them.

In this press release from the National Institute of Health, the people in charge of the study admitted to the danger of the treatments by claiming that their results “showed a higher risk of serious adverse events.”

Before you run off and claim that clinical trials kill people, however, there is one important thing to understand. The results of the ACCORD Study simply back up what many other studies, surveys, and anecdotal stories have already claimed: that many of the drugs being prescribed to patients are unnecessary and potentially harmful.

And it’s not just drugs. In fact, this New York Times article states that orthopedic surgeons believe that around 1 out of every 4 procedures performed is actually unnecessary.

To put it simply, many of the drugs and procedures that are being used to treat patients aren’t working. In some cases, they are actually hurting your opportunity to live a healthy life.

So what can someone like you or me do to live healthier? What’s the best way not just to treat our illnesses, but to ensure that we stay also to live healthier in general?



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