Why you should Never have a One Night Stand

Nothing about a one night stand sounds good the next day. Usually one night stands happen with people that had a little to much to drink. Here is why you should never have a one night stand.



The awkward feeling of having to wear the clothes that you were wearing last night, and doing the walk of shame.


If you have ever had a one night stand like this, you will never again. This is horrible and that is definitely not something that should be lied about.



After you engage is sex, you usually have to sleep next to the person so you don’t feel trashy leaving immediately after.



You never want to hear that the person you just engaged in sex with is a prostitute. Your confidence level will go from 100-0 really fast.


When you are trying to sneak out of the house of your one night stand this be very awkward. You never want to put yourself in an awkward situation.