This Military Soldier Switched Her Career To Modelling And The World Is Glad

Social work has many directions. Some do it by sharing their love while some do it by switching their career. Don’t believe us? This military soldier switched her career to modelling so that the world has something better to look forward to.

1. Introduction is a must

Miss Charissa Littlejohn was a member of the military soldier in the Air Force of United States. She switched her career to modelling so that she could flaunt her attractive body.

2. That pair!

Being sexy is not everyone’s cup of tea. And when you have got such a great pair then a career as a military soldier doesn’t sound good. People must be glad she switched to modelling.

3. Blown away, are you?

This is being sexy at it’s highest. If you losing your breath and many other things then hold on, there’s more to come. This is the reason she switched her career from military soldier to modelling.

4. It’s not just about her body

This former military soldier served five years in Japan and also has a Masters in Healthcare. But modelling always remained her passion and hence, the switched career.

5. Born in

This modelling icon is born and brought up in California. From a career as a military soldier to modelling, she has come a long way.

6. Bath time

Can modelling be this sensuous? Here’s the proof. I wonder what she was doing as a military soldier. Thank god she switched her career.

7. More cleavage

Can you imagine what the male military soldiers were going through? They must be happy with her decision to take up modelling as a career.


8. She’s more than just a model

Beauty with brains is perhaps the perfect phrase for this beauty. If modelling as a career is this ludicrous then the position of a fashion photographer is something to drool over

9. Adventure at it’s best

Do you want to go for skydiving or some other sport? Then you just got an inspiration. Sorry if you switched your preference. Hope this is not going too hard on your eyes.

10. Shake it

Kim Kardashian is old news. This world is thanking this former military soldier for she switched her to her passion.

11. Curves

Only if curves in economics were this hot. Or else people could have switched those curves to this one.

12. Christmas special

This has got a nice Christmas theme going on. But it’s just wetter. If you know what I mean. Aren’t you glad she switched from being a military soldier?

Which one did you get as a favourite?