37 Awesome Illustrations That Prove Living Alone Is A True Blessing

Do you love doing everything for your comfort? Do you fancy living alone? Are you a person who loves spazzing out and eating popcorn while you watch oodles of Gossip Girl. Blessing, isn’t it? If yes, these illustrations will make you happy. If not, these illustrations will let you know how blessed it is to live alone.

Living alone shapes out personalities. It gives you all the space that you need to grow. Although it is scary to imagine oneself surviving through all thick and thins of life alone, it is a blessing. LA based illustrator,

Picking up little perks of living alone, these illustrations will show you it’s a blessing!

1. Enjoying food at your own pace.


2. Playing with your pets; alone. 

3. Escaping reality and enjoying a good old book. 

4. Working on your art whenever you wish.


5. A cup of coffee by the window while it rains. 


6. Spazzing out while you enjoy your cuppa noodles. 

7. Dancing alone like no one’s watching.

8. Texting! Stalking! Doing nothing all day.


9. Cuddling with your pet; your best friend.


10. Being a little crazy!

11. Enjoying small things from the comfort of your loneliness.


12. Bathing as long as you wish.


13. You can have a party all by yourself.


14. Snacking all day all night, whenever you feel like.


15. Meditating.


16. Having a carefree walk. 


17. Working the way you like. 

18. Enjoying a weekend morning all to yourself.


19. Treating yourself with an entire cake or a whole batch of cookies. 


20. Enjoying all that ‘ME’ time. 


21. Dreaming on a rainy night. 


22. Having your baby pup around all the time.


23. Stretching in the morning alone.


24. Taking all the time you need in the morning.


25. Cleaning your way. 

26. Creating your own dining rules.


27. Your pup being your alarm buddy.


28. Melting away all trouble with just a bath.


29. Trying all the clothes that you want.


30. Marking your territory everywhere.


31.A quiet morning walk is your relaxation.

32. Making an entire mess of cooking experiments.

33. Working out whenever you like. 


34. Doing laundry whenever you feel like.


35. Treating your pup like a baby.

36. Taking out your inner artist.


37. Hair everywhere because why not!