16 Girls Who Love To Expose It All On Snapchat

People will do anything for that perfect selfie. We have all heard the stories about people dying for the perfect shot. Snapchat is a little different since the pics should “erase” after you send them.

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But since everyone is quick on the screenshot buttons we are blessed with these 16 Snappers who will take a pic anywhere.

1. Sometimes the best place to snap is on the way out the door.

2. I’m guessing she wasn’t leaving (tits out) but still in the doorway.

3. Sometimes they will just open up the work outfit and snap a pic of their goods.

4. The porta-potty?! Really?!

5. Luckily she fits on that tiny ass rug.

6. Another girl taking some time from work to fire off a snap

7. Bathroom snap!!

8. I am still confused on who took this picture in the first place. Must be one of those tripod things… #dedicated

9. Where are the kids?! And who shows up to babysit in a slutty schoolgirl outfit?!

10. This beats a cup of coffee in the morning any day.

11. 2 girls… 1 snap.

12. I don’t understand fashion. Who would want a sweatshirt for only the top half of their boobs…

13. Maybe this girl is a wrestler and is that a wolf fur rug?

14. I can’t figure out what room in the house this is.


15. Like I said, I don’t get fashion… But I like it.


16. After the gym, no better time to snap a little cheek pic.