10 Worst Places For A Make Out Session! #3 Is Really Embarrassing

Sometimes people have wild fantasizes about their make out sessions! When you’re in love, it’s hard to keep your hands off each other even at worst places. Varying neighborhoods take your enjoyment to a new level and change extract pressure out and makes your adrenaline pumping, making you even more excited than usual. But sometimes you really should be aware, especially if you’re in one of these awkward situations.

Here we give you 10 worst places that you can choose for your make out sessions!

1. At the parking lot

Parking lots are really one the worst places for make out session as you do not know that almost everywhere you are under surveillance. Maybe through guards or CCTV camera.

2. In presence of someone who is sleeping in the other room

I feel this is the worst place on the list, as you are never fully convinced that the person is actually sleeping or enjoying themselves.

3. In restroom, especially at an airport

If you make love in a restroom, it will make you both feel harsh and stingy. It might make your back and legs painful for the next few days. Also, the airport’s restrooms are too small it will be hard for both of you to get in!

4. In rain

Yeah yeah, we have all seen those Bollywood rain dance and songs. But in practical life, rains are the worst make out spots.If you make love in the rain you will catch a cold and then nobody wants to have s3x with a sick person, remember!

5. In the back seat of your car

The people around you will stare and make you uncomfortable. It will make you exhausted and also space might make you feel irritated.

6. At your parent’s place

This is something which should never be on your list! Firstly, it is WEIRD and also, your parents might walk into making things really embarrassing.

7. In a hot tub

It sounds romantic but just think it this way that you are sharing germs and bacteria with your partner. Isn’t it gross?

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8. At McDonald’s

Come on guys, it’s a place for kids. Do you really want to make out at a place where the kids watching you with popped eyes?

9. Prison

You do not want to make other inmates s3xually charged creating a riot? Do you?

10. On a couch

Again space makes you uncomfortable. And also, there is a chance of you falling down.