Things That Women Can Do And Men Can’t

Though we talk about equality between the sexes, certain things can never change. There are things that are a cakewalk for women. But what happens when men try their hands at this stuff? They fail miserably. Let’s hear for the things that women can do easily and men can’t.

1. Women are touchy

Women touch each other more freely than men. When it comes to men, they have a much stronger sense of personal boundary. This is one of the things that can make guys fight for a long time.

2. Guys for sure can’t wear makeup

Manny MUA and Patrick Star will not nod to this. But they can’t change the way men feel about makeup. Makeup is a thing that any woman can embrace freely.

3. Women can be more close

Touching each other freely is not the only thing that women can pull of. They often call other women attractive. Can you imagine a man calling another man cute? No, right?

4. Women can get pregnant

This is another thing that men can’t even try. Women have the special power to carry a life within her. Some male species can do this but that’s not the case with homo sapiens.

5. Dancing together

Girls can dance with another girl freely. But if a man pulls off this stunt then God save him.

6. Women live longer

This is science speaking. According to studies, women generally outlive men by approximately 5-6 years. But it’s not just science and genes but sometimes the worthless try of being a daredevil too.

7. Limited wardrobe

Ok, this is a known fact. Among the things that girls can do easily is they can choose from a wide variety of clothes. When it comes to men, they have their same old casuals.

8. Multiple orgasms

Do you want to know the important things that women can do and men can’t? Here is it. Girls can get an orgasm just in a span of some minutes or in some cases, seconds. Can men do it? They just can’t.

9. The “PMS” weapon

The trump card for every woman. If women say something or do something bad to someone, they always have the PMS card to play. Bereft of the time of periods. Girls can pull off many things with the help of this excuse.

10. Added advantage of height

One of the things that guys can’t do is they can’t get taller. Women can get taller whenever they want. They have high heels at their disposal. Hey guys, can you do this?

11. Maternal instincts

Women have the gift of maternal instincts. Well, as nature has chosen them as mothers, maternal instincts couldn’t be ignored. But men often get uncomfortable with a baby. Among other things, guys run a shortage of the maternal instincts.

Happy mother playing with baby girl, over gray


12. Girls can hide their arousal

This is the biggest advantage of girls. They can easily check out someone without getting aroused. But if men try this, it becomes a breaking news. It’s kinda sad that guys can’t do these things

13. Guys can’t keep long hair

Though it’s a stereotype, still you can’t see a man having long hair and being in normal stuff. Men with long hair are always associated with heavy metal or rock bands. So, long comes under those things that guys can’t do.

14. Food provider

Nature has made the female sex in such a way that they can somehow complete all the nature’s functions. They care, they give love and they give food. This is one of the things that men can’t even try in their wildest fantasy.

15. Women have a good sense of smell

Among things that guys can’t do or they don’t have is the proper sense of smell. Girls have a better and stronger sense of smell. Not only can they smell better but they can see a wide spectrum of colors too.

The fight between things a woman can do and men can’t is neverending. But there are certain things that are best kept to women.