There Are Two Types Of Girls In The World!

Every human is different from the other in one way or the other, but today we’re gonna focus on girls in the world. and how different they can be. Their differences would be appreciated, but sometimes it just becomes too much. One might be busy getting the best out of every photograph she is in, and the other would be making a joking face all over only to destroy the photo, or the dresses they choose for parties or guess what, Halloween.

Some girls take themselves too seriously, while there are others that are laid back and don’t bother it all too much. There are mainly two types of girls then, right?

Scroll down to see what we want to say, by seeing 10 pictures that prove that there are only two types of girls in the world.

1. The Dressing Sense

You’ll get us seeing this picture, where one wears a sober Cinderella gown and the other is wearing the same but not so sober for Halloween!

2. The One Who Looks Pretty Even In Casual
And here is another photo from Hello, showing how different these two are dressed as, one as a cute kitten, and the other, umm, we don’t know what to say.

3. The Attitude

Too positive, it too negative? Two types of girls you see!

4. The Photogenic One

This is what we were trying to say when we said about the photographs girls want of themselves, the left is hot and sober and the right one is ruining it in every way.

5. Foooood
So true, the one on left, all make up obsessed, yet you see her face, on the right one, is all about food and being natural. Two types of girls you see in the world.

6. I am sick! No, I am not sick!
Well, cold is a killer and it’s well advised to stay protected from it. But not the way the girl on the left is because that is completely hilarious. Do you agree?

7. School Life 
We’ve all been to school, and some of us were even struck by uniforms, but for those who don’t have a uniform, there is a way of going to school too, not at least to have the fashion the girl on the left has.

8. Boots, Boots, Boots
UGG boots might be dying now since last few years but they’re still worn these days. Someone wears them rolling all the way to down to the left and some prefer rolling it all the way up to the right.

9. The flat vs curvy
The picture says it all, girls who wear flat shirts and the ones who wear the curvy ones. Boys of course like the latter. Right folks?

10. The school nerds

School going fashion, and there are two types of girls in the world