Marry your boyfriend if he does these 7 things

Who doesn’t wish to fall truly, madly and deeply in love with their one, true soul mate? Growing up we have our fairytale all figured out and sorted in our heads. We know exactly what he will be like, how he will make us feel and what our dream wedding would look like. Love is the one thing we are looking for throughout the course of our lives before we even know what it really means.

Marriage is serious business between two people in love. If you have caught yourself wandering if he will make as great a husband as he does a boyfriend then you are not alone. Here are some qualities of good boyfriends which makes them even better husbands!

Making you happy makes him happy

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As partners in a relationship, your happiness will be associated to his and vice versa. He considers your happiness as his own personal happiness and does not think of it independent of you. Watching you smile and be content is what brings him the greatest of joys. Not only does he want to see you happy but he also goes out of his way to perform little and big gestures of love just to bring a smile to your face. He’s definitely a keeper!

He understands that you can have ‘off’ days

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Your boyfriend will understand that you can’t always be on your best behavior around him. You will have both good days and bad days and they have nothing to do with who you are as a person. He will not judge you for your behavior on an ‘off’ day and will understand that it is only natural for you to be overwhelmed with life now and then.

He’s the light at the end of the tunnel


He is your pick-me-up at the end of a really ‘off’ day. Whenever you are down in the dumps, he’s the one person you will genuinely want to be with. You know that you can always count on him to help you out no matter what, no questions asked. He will say all the right things and make you feel better effortlessly.

The attraction keeps on building up


It doesn’t matter if you have been with him for one year, two or five. The attraction that you feel for him will never wane because he is as involved in the relationship and you just as you are involved in him. You may have been attracted to him physically just as the relationship started off but somewhere along the way you will be attracted to his heart, soul and mind as well. If he is a gentleman and a genuinely nice guy you will be more and more attracted to him with every passing day.

He’s not the one to hold back


He is not afraid of putting a label on you two and neither does he hesitate from defining your relationship. He will invest himself into the relationship and will not tag you along or play games with you.

Honest and open communication


He is a nice guy but he will not always tell you the things that you want to hear: he will be honest. He understands that being open and honest with each other is important to you and will continue to do the right thing and not just the convenient thing. Even if it lands him in trouble with you for some time, he will make truth a priority.

He lets you be ‘you’

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He will not try to change you or improve you into becoming a better version of yourself. His love will make you want to better yourself without being coerced into it. He knows and accepts your flaws and will not be ashamed of them. He will flaunt you and embrace your imperfections.