Zodiac Pairs Which Are the Most Passionate and Powerful Together

Astrologers believe that the stars shining up in the sky are meant for more than just that. They hold deep secrets, eons of knowledge hidden in their fiery, starry powers and that these stars definitely have a huge hand at play when it comes to what goes on here, on earth. Just like a full moon drives something as strong as an ocean wild, how can we assume that all of these billions of other stars serve no purpose?

Some of us with firm belief in stars and their magic are always looking into the zodiac knowledge for our own star and everything that we need to know about it. We read about how the day and the week would be like for us, which star sign we can be best friends with and which one is bound to betray us sooner or later. Similarly, when it comes to love, we turn to the stars once more: who will be the love of our life and what the stars have to say about it?

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If you are wondering that, wonder no more. We have all the answers, right here right now. Each zodiac sign is ruled by one of the four elements: fire, water, earth, air. It isn’t always necessary that those who share the same element make the best couple too. Nature works on a delicate balance. Scroll through the pairings below and find out which star sign is the most compatible with yours.

12. Aries and Aquarius


These zodiac signs with their elements of fire and air will find that there is never a dull moment between them. Truthful, just, affectionate and imaginative Aquarius will always find a wonderful partner in an energetic, spontaneous, enterprising and incisive Aries. Overly fond of adventurous endeavors together, they will always be up to one thing or another, inside or outside the house. While you may not see them spending one too many evenings at home, you will find them taking up new adventures more often. They have a natural penchant for daring feats and may as well be one of the most adventurous zodiac couples on this list. They are social as a couple but they tend to enjoy each other’s company more. Here is a couple who will never tire of one another and will always relish the perfect partner they have found in each other.

11. Taurus and Cancer


Taurus (Earth) with its defining traits of trustworthiness, stability, loyalty and humanity complements Cancer (Water) who is very emotional and sensitive. Cancer can be one of the most complex zodiac signs to get to know on a personal basis. Fortunately, Taurus has just the right frame of mind and emotions to be able to handle a Cancer at their best and their worst. These two stars work as well together as the parts of a well-oiled machine. Cancer and Taurus are capable of forming an emotional connection as deep as their physical one. Their personalities are in complete harmony and would never challenge the other one. They both bring a multitude of values to the relationship and respect each other all the more for it. Their bond will always only continue to strengthen as the relationship grows through time. These are the kind of people who could very well grow old together. They are the peanut butter to the other one’s jelly. That’s how perfect they are together.

10. Gemini and Aquarius


They share the same element (Air) and are extremely in-tune with each other. Expressive and quick-witted Gemini is the most suitable companion for the just, curious, affectionate and imaginative Aquarius. Gemini brings a dual personality with it to any relationship and you can never be sure if they are their communicative and ready-for-fun self or their serious and thoughtful, restless self. This is perfect fine for Aquarius who is generous and tolerant enough for their partner to express themselves full. This is the kind of relationship where both the partners have each other’s back at all times. They take the good with the bad and are all the more glad for it.

9. Cancer and Pisces


When these two cool (Water) zodiac signs come together, they form an insanely strong bond which could be the envy of many. The generous, compassionate and extremely faithful and caring Pisces has found the perfect match in a deeply intuitive and sentimental Cancer. Both of these stars have individualistic characteristics due to which they bond so well together. Pisces is all about making a deeper, soul-reaching connection and Cancer with their crazy commitment qualities can appreciate and nurture that connection like no other can. They have a fine harmony between themselves. These are like two strong and tall pillars that stand confidently on their own in the relationship but contribute equally towards keeping it resilient. Like the old saying goes, they love themselves enough to be able to love the other one more.

8. Leo & Sagittarius


Passions run high and never dry between these two as they both share the same element, fire and fire. Sagittarius is one of the biggest adventure-loving and travel-addicted among all star signs. The action oriented Leo loves that about Sagittarius and always accompanies them on their whims and wishes. Curious and energetic Sagittarius is an extrovert and Leo complements that perfectly warm nature and a desire that drives them to be loved and admired. This is the kind of a couple who would finish off each other’s sentence when they tell you excitedly that they are going back-packing through Europe. You can’t help but admire the chemistry they have because you want it too.

7. Virgo & Taurus


Again two zodiac pairs which share the same element, Earth, they have a relationship as strong as a deeply rooted tree. Thoughtful, attentive to detail and a deep sensitivity towards humanity Virgo is the most careful and caring of all star signs and works in harmony with the reliable, ambitious and practical Taurus. They can easily form a long term relationship together as the qualities one lacks are brought to the relationship by the other. Think of these as yin and yang; completely different yet they fit together perfectly. Their relationship is a smooth one as they rarely take frustrations out on each other. Life can throw at them the curviest of balls and they will still manage to hit the home run because that’s the kind of a couple that they are.

6. Libra and Gemini


With their similar element of Air, these two are all about the mind and intellect. No two couples have a stronger intellectual and mental bonding than these two. They would rather stay home, cozy in bed and talk about life and its philosophies. They love to challenge each other, mentally, and enjoy the conversations they have together. Because they appreciate intellect, they also have a deep appreciation for each other. They take life and learning seriously and are the kind of people who would enroll into new skills and adventure classes together. They keep their relationship strong, working and going by extending each other mutual understanding, appreciation, friendship and knowledge.

5. Scorpio and Cancer


These two intense Water signs are all about emotional intensity and passionate vigor. Two stars that are at the same level of intense emotions on the spectrum may not always be able to make things work but this isn’t a problem for Scorpio and Cancer. They feed off each other’s passions and find a driving force in one another. Strong-willed and mysterious Scorpio have a natural magnetic charm which attracts even the most challenging and complex stars like Cancer to it. Together, they possess the qualities to be able to easily achieve their goals and have a charisma which can’t be ignored. These two are truly a match made via Divine intervention.

4. Sagittarius & Aries


Both fiery star signs, they hold intense passions and emotions for each other. Their relationship is bursting with insane amounts of creative energy which makes them a dynamic duo. They say that opposites attract each other but Sagittarius and Aries prove that similar star signs can also make iron-clad strong bonds. This is the kind of couple who would go bar hopping one night of the weekend and be up and ready early the next morning to try out brunch at this new café downtown. They will never spend summers without making the most of them. If they had a map up on their home wall of all the places that they have been to together, you’d see more thumbtacks on it than paper.

3. Capricorn & Taurus


Both these Earthy signs have what we hear about so much in movies and read in books: soul mates. They have the kind of endless love that we see only in movies like A Walk to Remember or The Fault in Our Stars. They don’t have to work hard at their relationship because it just comes naturally to them. They are drawn to each other, as if it’s written in the stars (and it is). The kind of love that they share will you make you fall to your knees and weep with joy because you are just so happy that a perfect relationship exists. They are truly #couplegoals.

2. Aquarius & Gemini


When it comes to intimacy, these Air-y stars two could probably have sex by verbal stimulation. The intellectual aspect of their relationship is always fun to witness for others as they would indulge in deep arguments and forget that anyone else is even present. They challenge each other’s minds like no one else. They might not always share the same belief systems but allow each other the independence and freedom to enjoy their own rationale. Trust is an important and strange thing for them; while Aquarius abhors lying Gemini will have enough freedom from Aquarius to not lie about anything at all.

1. Pisces and Scorpio