Who’s the Real Mother of the Child? Your Answer Will Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Ever wondered what kind of personality do you have? It’s always hard to judge yourself and look at yourself the way others do. You know what’s going on inside your head and so the things that seem justified to you might not seem justified to others. This personality test will tell you how you truly are and describe some of the characteristics specific to your personality type.

This personality test basically divides people into two broad categories with unique characteristics of each. Based on your answer, you will be out in a category.

See the picture above and guess who the real mother of the child is? The one on the left or the one on the right?

If you chose the woman on the right

Majority of the people chose the woman on the right. The woman on the right looks older and more mature with her hair tied up making her look even older. This is why people tend to choose her over the woman on the left. This is obviously the wrong answer. But this wrong answer reveals certain characteristics about your personality.

One of the biggest traits of the people who fall in this category is creativity. You are extremely creative and always aim to think beyond the box. You want to do things your way and love to express your creative freedom. Having all this creativity also makes you artistic since arts is something you can express your creativity with.

You have always been interested in painting, sketching and even music. These things make you feel alive and allow you to constructively channel your creativity. You are known for being an adventurous soul and love to go wild sometimes.


Another ability that you have is being able to socialize. The people around you admire how naturally this comes to you. You are always surrounded by a large group of friends. You do not mind being the center of attention. Although predominantly extroverted, you also do enjoy some me-time once in a while.


You give great advice to friends going through a rough patch and are also able to provide emotional support by lending a shoulder to cry on. This is another reason why you have large friend circles. You connect to people emotionally. Money is something you value but also understand that not everything can be bought.

If you chose the woman on the left

The woman on the left is the actual mother of the child. Children subconsciously tend to face their parents, especially mothers when playing or doing anything else because this signifies them wanting their parent’s approval. That’s the logic behind it all.

If you fall in this category, it means you pay attention to the details and take care of the nitty-gritties. The left hemisphere of your brain is extremely active. This hemisphere is related with qualities such as logic and reasoning.


You do let feelings and emotions get the best of you. Thinking from the brain and not the heart is what you do. You tend to be very pragmatic and use logic and reasoning before making any sort of a decision. This makes you a very good and effective decision maker. You also make choices that are rational because of your ability to be practical.


You don’t open up much to people nor do you tell them any of your problems. You like to keep personal things personal. You have a great sense of humor that is both spontaneous and witty making you a crowd pleaser.