If You Feel These 8 Signs, You Don’t Love Him, You Just Love The Sex

For a relationship to prosper there could either be raw lust and sexual attraction or there could be a meaningful deep love amongst you and your partner. Both these garner strong reactions and give the relationship a reason to progress. However there are a number of ways you could ascertain if you are actually in a significant relationship or just keeping with the façade of having one while actually enjoying the sexual aspect only.

Sometimes one partner feels it to be deeply emotional while the other individual is only there for lust and only attracted to the sexual fulfillment.

Following are some of the ways which would suggest if you are only sexually attracted to him or is it a long term relationship.

1. Most of the time you meet each other is to have sex


There is an increasing number of couples who think they have what entails to be a best relationship simply because they have an active sex life. The reality could not be farther from the truth as just having sex is fine but there is a whole lot more to a relationship than these physical acts of making love.

2. Only come over at night


One might argue they are super busy and could not find time to get out earlier and now want to make up for the lost time.

Well if once or twice is understandable but if it becomes habitual it is obvious they are only responding to booty call and not really concerned about how your day was or catching up to you in any way.

3. Don’t go out


You or them only want to have laid back and relaxed time in your or their bedroom and don’t really want to attend parties or go to some social events. Most of the time you both spend together is out of public eye which enables you both to engage more in sexual activity. You both are completely oblivious to the world outside of your bedroom and only want to engage in physical act of making love.

4. There is no discussion to get to know each other better


If you are not even aware of their private life or about their near and dear ones and never bothered to even make an effort to know them well indicates you are no more than each other’s friends with benefit. There is no talk about their parents or if they have any siblings nor is there any inquiry from their side.

On the other hand if you are facing some family issue and want to talk about it and they appear disinterested means they are only there for sex. They are not there to indulge in other crisis you might be undergoing. The only thing they are interested to talk about is sex.

5. Only sexting is the order of the day


You and your partner’s phone conversations and text messages only revolve around the topic of sex. There is nothing else worthwhile you both talk about and the only substantial part of your communication is based on sex or in some way related to it.

6. Meeting only at their apartment or vice-versa


This just indicates that you both only want to zero in on the sexual activity and this is the most comfortable way to get to your desired fantasies rather than meeting up at mall or at some outdoor venue.

7. There is no post sex cuddling or sleep over


As soon as you both hit your highs out of your sexual indulgence you both go your separate ways. There is no cuddling post sex or simply resting together. They will only do sex with you and then leave for their home without staying the night. It I definitely only sex you both are getting out of your relationship and nothing else.

8. They avoid you in public


Should you run into each other at a public place you will try to avoid them in the public space and try to disassociate from them and vice versa. This is another strong indication that you are only keeping each other as nothing more than sex buddies.