25 Crazy Facts That You Wish You Knew Earlier

At times, it feels that you know everything and seems as if you have all the knowledge and that nothing can surprise you. However, you accidentally overhear someone reveal something you’ve never heard off. We bring you some unheard facts that will shock you.

Fact 1

Hippopotamus’s milk is pink. Yup, you heard that right! Hippos just like every mammal produces white or off-white milk. Hippos don’t have any sweat glands, but they do have mucus glands. They secrete an oily liquid also known as “blood sweat” This secretion turns the milk to a baby pink color.


Fact 2

Honey never expires. Not in a year, not in 3 — never. It may change color and turn to crystallized form, but will always remain safe to eat. If your honey has crystallized, just place the jar in hot water with its lid removed until the crystals turn to liquid.


Fact 3

The “Turritopsis Nutricula” a jellyfish is the only known life on Earth that is biologically immortal. Found mostly in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of Japan. It can literally hit the reset button and slip back to the earlier development stages if injured or threatened.


Fact 4

A blue whale’s heart is so gigantic that a human being can actually swim through its arteries. Weighing around 1300 lb it is the size of a small hatchback. It beats at a rate of 8- 10 beats per minute. The heartbeat can be heard from over two miles away.


Fact 5

Despite having a huge heart its throat is as big as a saucer. During feeding time, it swallows massive volumes of water, which then passes through baleen plates trapping tiny food in them. Summer is the peak season when blue whales can feed up to 4 tones or more food every day. That’s 40 million krill a day.



Fact 6

There are around 1.6 million ants per human being in the world. The combined overall weight of all these ants and all the humans on the planet is equal. Ants being a biologically strong species have conquered the entire world. Ants are as old as dinosaurs and have survived the mass extinction some 65 million years ago.


Fact 7

An octopus carries three hearts. Two hearts pump blood to the gills, while the third one circulates it around the body. It is famous as the “Escape master” because of its rather spooky skill. It can squeeze through the tiniest hole and flee.


Fact 8

Formerly, Feng shui was the art of choosing the right place for a grave. It was part of Chinese funeral traditions. Chinese believed the location of the grave is important in order to pass positive energy flow from the deceased to the living family members.


Fact 9

It rains ‘Diamonds’ on Saturn and Jupiter. There is high amount of crystal carbon present in the atmosphere of these planets. Huge lightning storms turns methane into soot(carbon) which then falls down turning into lumps of graphite and then diamond. The biggest of them would be a centimeter in size, but big enough to make a ring.


Fact 10

This is how our blue sky would look like if Jupiter and Moon were the same distance from the Earth. Pretty much scary! The gravitational pull alone will produce massive waves around the Earth’s oceans which will sweep the land away. Huge asteroids will bombard Earth and it will destroy in no time.


Fact 11

There are ten times less cells than bacteria population in a human body. Being smaller than cells, they share only 1%-2% of our total body mass. An average human being carries over 100 trillion microbes which makes 90% of our body.


Fact 12

The chances of you drinking a glass of water, that was once consumed by dinosaurs is almost a 100%. The water on our Earth is the same as it was 5 billion years ago. Only a small amount has escaped into the space.


Fact 13

Frankenstein was not a monster, but a creator. However, it was the misconception of the humans, which led to the isolation of the creation and made him a monster.


Fact 14

Catfish have four times more taste buds than that of humans. A staggering 27000 of them! The taste buds are so sensitive that they pick up the slight tastes of different molecules. They are located all over its body but mainly around its four whiskers. The whiskers not only allow it to detect prey nearby but to get its exact location.


Fact 15

Sand looks beautiful under a microscope. Each sand grain is about one-tenth of a millimeter, the smallest thing a naked human eye can see. Every single grain is different. No two grains look alike.


Fact 16

The conventional bowls for Gold Fish is actually the worst kind of home for them. The bowls are too small to filter the waste produce. Most of them don’t even make it past 3 months.


Fact 17

The myth that reading in a dim light or using your computer in the dark will affect your eyesight is false. While it may tire your eyes out more quickly, using your computer in darkness may alter your sleep pattern


Fact 18

Oxford University dates older than Aztec Empire. Teaching actually started in 1096 and the university was officially founded in 1249. The Aztec empire as we know it began in 1325.


Fact 19

Santa Claus is called Basil in Cyprus. That’s more like Santa selling veggies!


Fact 20

An African elephant has never been tamed. People in Africa are mostly nomads and don’t have much to carry. Keeping the tamed elephants hydrated like in India is hard in Africa because of the intense heat.


Fact 21

Candle flame when burnt on the Earth looks like the image on the left. Burning candle in zero gravity looks like the image on the right. This image was taken at space station ‘Mir’.


Fact 22

Lack of sleep makes you hallucinate and you will see weird stuff around you.


Fact 23

The wrinkles that sometimes appear on the inside of your hands after taking a bath play a vital role. This wrinkling of skin is caused by the increased amount of moisture around your hands and the environment might be slippery. So the kin immediately starts to shrink so if it can grip smooth surfaces with ease.


Fact 24

Two sides of your face develop independently and join in the middle of your face, creating the philtrum. The philtrum is the small indent between your noses on the upper lip. It also is a reminder of the time spent in your mother’s belly. If these two sides fail to join properly, which happens only in 1 of 750 babies, the result is a underdeveloped palate.


Fact 25

Round buttocks is a result of evolution process, which human beings adapted. The main occupation of our ancestors back in the days was to hunt, so they needed to run fast. Hence round buttocks was a great thing for this task.